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Business Projects

By Experience AB is now engaged in:
  • Negotiations for a Swedish company with their longstanding partner in Japan, in view of a separation.
  • Helping companies in Sweden to find and use a unique transparent purchase organisation in China, CPC. CPC can find the right supplier for your products or components, and By Experience AB will act as a facilitator to introduce and follow up the pilot cases. See link to CPC.
  • Networking for Adit, a French international industrial knowledge consultancy company. By Experience AB helps them find the right partners in various projects. See link to Adit.
  • Per Norinder travels regularely to PRC China
Per Norinder is in parallel involved in a few cultural activities on a “bene vol?basis::
  • Member in the Board of Foundation Grez-sur-Loing. The foundation manages the Hotel Chevillon near Fontainebleau in France where Carl Larsson and other artists lived in the 1880s, so that also today organisations can give scholarships to artists to live and work there for periods. See link Stiftelsen Grez-sur-Loing.
  • Member in CSCS, China Sweden Cultural Society, in Göteborg.