By Experience AB - Motivate the individuals, Business culture, Industrial history, Leadership, Change, Attitudes, Values, Business Development, Results, Experience, Confidence, Sweden, France, Chine, Japan, Spain, Latin America

Welcome to By Experience & By Experience Editions!

Welcome to By Experience & By Experience Editions!

This company, registered in Sweden, is built upon the experience from Per Norinder, and his ability to share how to work with people in different countries and cultures. By Experience can help with speeches and seminars as well as leading or participating in specific projects with international aspects.

Most of the times it is about how to motivate the individuals in different business cultures, each with their industrial history. Leadership needs to work on changes that influence, and depend on, individual attitudes and values. Business development and results depend on experience and confidence.

Per Norinder has his own experience from living and working for Volvo in Sweden, France, Belgium, Spain, Latin America, Russia, Japan and China.
Since the start 2007, By Experience has worked with more than 20 customers.

By Experience Editions publishes books, in September 2012 揝trindberg ?Grez? See By Experience Editions.

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