By Experience AB - Motivate the individuals, Business culture, Industrial history, Leadership, Change, Attitudes, Values, Business Development, Results, Experience, Confidence, Sweden, France, Chine, Japan, Spain, Latin America

Speeches & Seminars

These are adapted to each customer group, but a typical session is built up in the following order:
  • Short introduction of Per Norinder
  • What is a company, who are the stakeholders
  • What is management
  • What is leadership
  • What is business culture
  • Why do companies go international
  • The company and the customers
  • The importance and the differences in individuals
  • Attitudes to change
  • Changing country and culture, what does it mean
  • Cultures specifically in some of the countries, alone and compared:
    Sweden, France, Belgium, Spain, Latin America, Russia, Japan and China.
Language can be Swedish, French, Spanish or English.
Mac with a PowerPoint projector are the tools used.

Specific interests can be developed, like car industry, history in one or a few countries, helping young people to get started in working life (mentorship).

In seminar form, working groups can develop specific issues and revert for discussions in the main forum. The day will be develop for each customer and target group.

If you speak Swedish, please have a look also at the site “Hitta Talare”. See References.